Man Leading GroupMen’s Group Leadership will be shared among the members in rotation; each member serving for a few weeks. Carl Wells will assume leadership for the first few weeks to orient and initiate the tentative agendas. Members will all have input on how the meetings and other club activities are run.

Members are expected to help create and maintain the group. For example, we will depend on new members to help recruit others who might join the group. Pass the word around and help us distribute flyers and help us to get up to speed with around 10 men who are dedicated to getting the group started as soon as possible. Help find future locations for the group after the first meetings that Carl Wells will arrange.

Group meetings will provide the core of friendship building. We could also participate in recreational or community activities outside of group meetings. Some rules will help members feel safe to share personal situations and thoughts. For example, when members share, then others will need to allow the person to talk without interruption. Afterward, discussions can involve several members. We will preserve personal rights of each member to be treated with respect.

Not all meeting time will involve sensitive sharing. There will be laughter and fun, too. We do plan that these meetings and other activities will be enjoyable.

Once formed, membership will be closed to new members once we reach about 10 men unless someone drops out.

For further references about the possible way the group meetings will be conducted, visit these unaffiliated sources: or

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