What we will do in the Huntington Beach Men’s Group

Men MeetingA core activity will be weekly meetings in order for each member to stay in touch and enjoy support from each other. We want meeting length and frequency enough to provide sufficient time to promote true friendships that go beyond casual acquaintance. Some examples of the group meeting format follow.

The general guidelines on how the meetings will be conducted are drawn partly from Clyde Henry who has conducted successful men’s groups and is the author of the Men’s Group Manual. Other guidelines will be from my experience in groups, and your input. Some of Clyde Henry’s suggestions are found on his site: mensgroupmanual.com. An example of how I plan to lead the group for the first session follows.

The First Men’s Group Meeting

At the first session, I will welcome group members and ask each member in turn to tell us what he would like the group to know about him. I will go first and probably start with the following:

“I want you to know that the recent deaths of a friend of 25 years and the death of my best friend from birth to 2 years ago triggered me to realize how much I am missing close male friendships.” ~ Carl Wells, Founder of HBMG

I will invite the group to respond to my remarks and then ask members to follow my lead with their introductions. This part of the meeting could take as much time as an hour. Afterward, I plan to discuss some of the details of future meetings and outside activities.

By the time of the first meeting, everybody will have talked to me on the phone and in person and I will answer questions and get input from you about what you would like to do in the group.

If you contact me via email, or PO BOX 5012, Huntington Beach CA 92615-9998 we can discuss the details of my plans over the phone and in person. I remain flexible and want to involve members in the creation of activities.

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