Huntington Beach Mens Group
Huntington Beach Mens Group
Huntington Beach Mens Group
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Are you looking for a group of male friends that you can hang out with?

The Huntington Beach Mens group is dedicated to creating lasting friendships. A brotherhood that welcomes men who want to go beyond surface friendships.

Research shows that…

Men who have few or any close relationships have more health problems and die sooner than those with close male friends.

Many men don’t have many close relationships with other men. They often just socialize with their wife’s friends husbands, family, or colleagues. These type of friends are often not men that you truly confide in.

Many men want close male friends who they can confide in, but don’t know where to connect.

If you are a man that wants to have close male friends…

  • to do fun activities together (play sports with, exercise with, go to restaurants with, watch the Superbowl together, etc.)
  • that you can count on when you need them.
  • that you can trust.
  • to talk to and confide in.

The Huntington Beach Mens Group might be the place for you. It is a no-fee organization for 10 men now forming in Huntington Beach, California.

“True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.” ~Charles Caleb Coltone


Men live longer when they have close male friends.


More than a ‘place where everyone knows your name’


Weekly meetings so each member stays in touch


Leadership will be shared among the members

How to Join

Contacting us by email or snail mail will be the next step


References Used to Create Mens Group

The Joining Process for the Huntington Beach Mens Group


Browse the website and fill out your contact information, including some comments about yourself, why you want to consider joining the group, and how you could help create and maintain the group.


Contact us and Carl Wells (Founder of the Group) will call you. You can ask any questions that you may have.


If you are a good fit for membership, Carl will arrange an in-person meeting in Huntington Beach to discuss further.

About the Huntington Beach Mens Group

Carl Wells is the Founder of the men’s group. Within the span of two years, he lost his two best friends. The experience of having fewer close male friends motivated him to create the Huntington Beach Mens Group.

Carl Wells – Leadership skills and experience

  • Volunteer counseling groups with Catholic Charities
  • Assertion trainer certificate from UCI
  • Assertion training class for single parents
  • Assertion training with a neighbor group
  • Parent Effectiveness trainer
  • La Jolla 17 day training for group facilitators including co-leader for weekend marathon counseling with the public
  • Toast Masters
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